At Sargent & Krahn, we are committed and involved in the Pro Bono work, providing advice in intellectual property matters to small entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations to get access to the protection of their intellectual creations. Hence, along with our continuous academic work and dissemination of intellectual property, is our contribution as professionals committed to social responsibility and public service.

We are members of the Pro Bono Foundation, which has allowed us to assist organizations that require advice in our professional field. In addition, through the Pro Bono Foundation, we have participated in the drafting of the new regulation on the Intellectual Property Law commissioned by the Government and which served as a basis for the regulation to be issued in 2013. Our partner, Alfredo Montaner, along with the members of the Commission, received the Pro Bono 2012 Foundation Award.

We also highlight our strategic alliance with Endeavor Chile which has allowed us to train and advise small entrepreneurs in intellectual property and patents matters at the national level.

Therefore, our firm also organize a contest to foster the patent process through innovation, which has already five editions. It is also a Pro Bono contribution of our firm that has given the opportunity to ensure inventors and innovative individuals can access to a free of charge advice, that otherwise could not afford, and allows them to protect and exploit their inventions at the international level.